If you want to request a video from me, e-mail me at:

the (dot) dominicator (at) gmail (dot) com

and let me know the particular content that you want.  Send me an e-mail to pitch the idea before you run your payment. I do three types of recordings: public, private, and personal.

If the video is public, then the requested video must be publishable on YouTube.  I’m selective about what to publish on my channel, but you can pitch me an idea and see if I’ll run with it.  In the worst case, I’ll simply offer to make a private video instead.

If you want content of a sexual nature which is not overly specific in nature, or that is outside of my channel’s themes, or that I do not wish to publish, then I can do a private video for you.  I charge more for private videos than public ones, but less than personal because they are reusable as digital downloads.

If you want content of a sexual and/or highly specific nature, I can do a personal video for you.

I reserve the copyright for all productions.  I may re-use clips of the commissioned file, or re-sell the file.  If you are specifically mentioned during a private file, then my use of the clips will anonymize you.