I offer a sports hypnosis service on-line which is geared toward fans of recreational hypnosis, and for guys in general who are interested in fitness.  As a personal trainer, I hold myself to a standard.

This service consists of weightlifting and nutritional consulting combined with hypnosis and overtones of domination, if that’s your interest.  Regardless of whether your goal is to lose weight or to bulk up, I can give the professional direction you need, and can motivate you.

The first session consists of a calculation of your total daily energy expenditure, macronutrient requirements, and required calorie deficit or surplus to meet your goals.  I give nutritional advice that can accommodate your tastes while still hitting your macro and calorie requirements.

Following that, I will hypnotize you.  While you are under hypnosis, I will establish rapport, and possibly dominance–if that’s your thing.   Once I have done that, I will make suggestions that will help you adhere to your nutritional, cardio, and lifting requirements.  I will make any other lifestyle changes you have in mind simply for the asking.

I can do everything on-line with you that I do in-person except walk you through weightlifting sets.  I can however demonstrate weightlifting form, and I can direct you to resources for learning proper weightlifting form.  I do not perform the lifts or do anything nude.

In the week following the session, I will ask you to report your macro intake, cardio, and lifting activity via e-mail. I will comment on your progress, and give you useful information and direction to help you progress toward your goal.

If you are interested in doing a session with me, please make an appointment.  The charge is $50 per hour.  You may think: “But most recreational hypnosis is free!” To which I say: the supermajority of recreational hypnotists are not personal trainers.  It isn’t just recreational hypnosis; it’s goal-oriented sports hypnosis, specifically for hypnofetishists and recreational hypnosis subs.

Contact me if you have any questions about sessions!

the (dot) dominicator (at) gmail (dot) com