With regular clients, I keep things completely professional and even a bit permissive. But with the consent and express interest of the subject, I will establish dominance during a sports hypnosis session.

First I secure an unconscious response to suggestions.  I like to have the subject respond to suggestions immediately and unconsciously.  Having the arm levitate, the hands stick, et cetera is the first step in the process of establishing dominance, because everything to follow is based on this unconscious responsiveness.

I then like to make suggestions to diminish the subject’s control, such as to suggest the the subject’s will is being overpowered.  I then challenge the subject to resist following an order.  If he cannot resist, I move further. I increasingly seize control, suggesting that the subject is compelled to obey.  Once I completely take his autonomy, I will assume the role of his Master.

From here I establish further domination, having the sub repeat after me, and force him to obey orders such as barking on command.  Once he is ensnared in my domination, I make the needed post-hypnotic suggestions.  I reinforce his hypnotizability for the next session, then wake him.  I usually also make other post-hypnotic test suggestions for fun and to demonstrate to the subject that the hypnosis is working.

As far as the sports hypnosis is concerned, there is a point to this—through the hypnotic relationship, the subject remains more accountable to me.