If you would like to hire me to come visit you in-person, whether for sports hypnosis or recreational hypnosis or as an escort for your event, I would be glad to! I have been hired many times since I started my practice in 2017.

When you fly me out, you can expect my undivided attention to you for the time that we’re together. I will need about four hours a day to myself, but other than that, my time is yours!

One of the advantages of flying me out is that it extends the range of what I’m able to do with you as a subject. While I’m there with you, I can also offer an in-person training service if you like. I also do massages on the side, and I have a reputation for having an awesome touch and strong hands. My clients are always repeat visitors!

Outside of hypnosis, I enjoy deep conversation and playing one-on-one sports—which I’m happy to warm you up to. I’m very much a doer, and there’s never a dull moment with me in your company.

You will need to cover my travel expenses, including flight, parking ($5/day), shuttle if any, room, and meals. For that reason, it’s best to plan a visit at least a month in advance to ensure the best prices. I’m willing to stay with you, as long as I have a clean room to myself with privacy for a few hours a day. Otherwise, a room at a decent and clean 3-star hotel will do. Also, I will need reimbursement of $125 per day while I’m out of the office to cover my time. If you would like a quote on the total, follow these guidelines and check on the prices of airfare and rooms on-line.

If you’re interested in hiring me and flying me out, shoot me an e-mail! I’d be happy to show you pictures and chat with you some more about the prospect.